Throughout the pages contained in this blog you will learn about the essential techniques required for link building and SEO to be a success. All the web optimisation requirements need to be taken into account and fully utilised to give your website the best chance of success with SEO. All these elements must also be represented within the correct web page layout.  It is all well and good knowing to include aspects such as title, meta data, headers, content, anchor text and so on, but if you do no incorporate these within the right structure of a web page layout it is pointless even having them.

What we mean by having correct web page layout refers to keyword placements.  Placement of title tags, placement of headers, placement of meta data, content generation and so forth. The source code plays an important role in SEO.  It is within the source code that placement of these SEO factors are added and incorporated.  It is important that either yourself or the SEO company you use get the correct placement of the essential SEO factors in the source code to deliver the correct structured and optimised web page layout for SEO.

At Blue Orange Link Building each SEO developer and consultant is skilled in the efficiency of correct web page layout to properly benefit your SEO link building. Each search engine optimisation campaign has the correct web page layout and seo techniques we know are proven, ethical and designed to ensure your website benefits long term in the search results. As a company that thrives on its referrals and reputation, we are transparent and honest in our approach to SEO. If you would like to know further about web page layout for SEO contact one of our seo consultants today to organise an in-house SEO consultancy training session.