If any of you have tried Google adwords before now in an attempt to gain some coverage on Google for your business, then you will probably have used or have heard of website analytics.  Here at Blue Orange Link Building we understand the importance of having access to understandable and non-confusing website analytics for your company’s online presence.  Supplying our own personal website analytics package, you will gain an invaluable insight into many aspects of the type of visitors visiting your site and open up a diverse selection of different data streams that let you ‘analyse’ the performance of your website.

Providing demographics and psychographic variables that offer information on the profile and attributes of the visitors that your website receives, our website analytics offer you easy to understand graphs and charts and give you the information that can mean the difference between having a few successful website conversions and seeing your profits shoot through the roof.

Website analytics in effect, allow you to adjust your seo campaign to fine tune your keywords to direct the right traffic to your website and prove invaluable when wishing to understand your SEO campaign even further. Blue Orange Link Building offer this service and many more, so please feel free to contact us for more information today.