Meta tags are a starting point to getting your web page optimised. There are two types of meta tags, meta keyword placement and meta descriptions.

Meta keyword placements – when implementing keywords you want to target into the meta tags, be specific as possible as to what product or service is offered from that particular web page as it will avoid repetition page to page as each meta keyword placement must not repeat itself throughout your site. Try to avoid repeating keywords in the meta tag keyword placement areas as this may have an adverse affect on your seo rankings and link building efforts.

Meta descriptions – be informative within the descriptions as to what service or product you are offering incorporating your top phrases within the description so still reads grammaticlaly correct. Do not make the descriptions too short as the search spiders prefer the descriptions to be descriptive and this is a good way to get more keywords within the meta description. Avoid repetition throughout your website as this could have an adverse affect on a link building campaign.