One of the key mistakes that web designers make when building websites is the failure to include optimised title tags within the website coding. As they generally do not focus on search engine optimisation but instead on creating an aesthetically pleasing website, they could be forgiven for simply placing your company name within the title strings of your website.

Now…the problem with this is that you may have a fantastic website to look at but beneath the polished exterior, your website needs to operate like a well oiled machine. If you don’t take the correct measures to ensure the back end of your website runs as smoothly as the front end looks, all that hard work and money injected into designing your site will have been lost.

Here at Blue Orange Link Building we take great pride in offering the help and assistance you will need to dominate the search engine rankings by correctly identifying your main keywords and adjusting each page of your site, so that each page is as unique and relevant as possible. Targeting products or services, Blue Orange Link Building take great care and attention to create well laid out and easily identifiable coding that encourages search engine spiders to cache, with greater relevance, your entire site.

Basically stating the obvious now, choosing to create the right foundations for your site will have positive and long-lasting effects on your website, your hard-work and money spent on a great design remains uncompromised and above all search engines will begin to remember you for having a greater relevance over your competitors.

Using title tags, meta descriptions and well chosen keywords is the first step in creating the perfect search engine optimisation campaign for your business. Let Blue Orange Link Building offer you our support and advice now and receive a free website health check today.