I first found this at Alan Webb’s forum. It is basically a word for word dialog between Daniel Dulitz, a Google engineer and UK’s Mike Grehan.

I am not sure of how recent it is, so if someone knows – please add a comment.

Mike Grehan and Daniel Dulitz discuss the following topics in this phone interview:

* Daniel Dulitz Background and how he joined Google
* The importance of PageRank and what it really means
* Google’s ability to crawl dynamic content and what GoogleBot likes and dislikes in relation to that
* Flash and other Multimedia Content in relation to GoogleBot and Google’s visitors
* Paid Inclusion Possibilities at Google
* What Google considers Cloaking
* Keyword “themes” in relation to SEO
* What Can get you banned from Google (not much)
* Automated Querying of Google Server – A No No
* Search Engine Industry dynamics and what it means to Google
* And Yahoo!’s relationship with Google (Past, Present and Future)