Internet marketing for a small company can be a difficult task, no fault to the company themselves. Unlike bigger companies which are known around areas, whether they be local, nationwide or global, the budget is a lot smaller. Because of a small budget, the amount of marketing is limited to an affordable level, which in effect makes a difference on how well the company is promoted. Fortunately for smaller companies there are methods that can be taken which are cheaper than using traditional forms of marketing, which are for example using billboards, radio advertisements, TV adverts, etc.

Because the Internet is forever growing and websites are becoming more popular there are hundreds of different ways companies can use the web to help themselves evolve. Social networking websites are one approach companies can take which have proven to be an effective yet cheap option which has helped small companies become bigger and better known. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have been harnessed by companies to communicate with the public to promote services and products. By making news more personal to the public rather than forced upon them they are more likely to take notice and tell their friends.

Facebook is forever growing which is no thanks to it’s 500 million (and growing) registered users. Because of the massive user database the chances of being discovered by the public is higher than other websites. Thanks to the recently released Facebook buttons which can be added to websites, Facebook groups can be promoted through external websites as well as Facebook.

Twitter is another popular option due to the large amount of celebrities choosing the social networking website to talk about their daily lives. Because of it’s simplicity it has become a favourite for companies which could possibly be because of the ease to follow one another and post news. Retweet buttons are found on a lot of websites which allow visitors to post links to the page in question, which helps promote the site in the process.

MySpace is mainly used by companies who want to promote music. This is because it has the option to include a music player on the profile which displays a number of statistics gathered over time. Statistics which can be viewed are how many listeners each track has received daily and yearly, and (if available to download) how many downloaders each track has had.

Other social networking sites are also available to use but aren’t as popular which means the amount of registered users and regular users won’t be as high. This means if you are to choose one of these sites you are less likely to gain as much success as you would from one of the more popular social networking websites.

If you want to use more than one social networking site so you can gather interest from different audiences then services are available online that can help you do just that. Websites such as TweetDeck allow you to add different accounts to one TweetDeck which help you track how many people have like you, joined your or followed you and allow you to post new statuses and tweets on your profiles from one area. Invest your time wisely and you will see an increase in success for your website.