Keeping you in the know through ranking reports

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on January 3rd, 2011

One of the key features in relying upon a professional SEO company such as Blue Orange Link Building for your ethical search engine optimisation campaign is the inclusion of regular ranking reports that give each client a run down of their search engine ranking.

Typically set out in a table template for ease of understanding, each of the ranking reports contains the keywords optimised for the client along with their current and previous search engine positions. Simplified yet informative, we list the change in positions for each keyword across Google UK, Yahoo and MSN (Bing), the page number where the listing is (following the formula that as a default there are 10 results per page of search results on Google for example) and the best organic position that each keyword has acheived.

Not only highly valuable for our clients to keep track of the performance of their website development and search engine optimization campaign, the ranking reports enable Blue Orange Link Building to keep a careful and personal watch over our clients to actively improve or make fine adjustments to assist in maintaining the best positions year in, year out.

Content Optimisation

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on November 10th, 2010

Using balloons to strengthen the keyword density on your web pages by adding more content to strengthen the optimisation on your web pages is an ethical search engine optimisation technique. To view an example of a balloon go to our homepage (click on title top left) and hover your cursor over the keyword anchor text links within the content on the page. You will see a grey box pop up with content in. The content within the balloons are read by the search engine spiders so a good avenue to strengthen keyword density on page. The reason the balloons are introduced is for image based web sites that do not want to ruin the look and feel of their website by too much content on page and the balloons compliment the look and feel on the web pages. They are another clever internet marketing technique used by SEO link building companies in the know about the latest search engine optimisation techniques used online in the ever growing SEO industry.

SEO Glasgow

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on November 9th, 2010

We are about to move into our new office in Glasgow, which will also be available if you would like to arrange a meeting in Glasgow to discuss your SEO and link building uk strategies. Doing SEO for Glasgow areas is one of the most competitive geographical locations to optimise for by any SEO company based in the UK. We have areas in Glasgow covered well in the organic search for Glasgow SEO and are looking for companies based in Glasgow to help get positions in Google. There are specific details to implement onto a web page to ensure your sites gets found when an area in Glasgow is searched for that you are wanting to target and we do all the work for you. Google maps is a good way to get your site quick results for Glasgow SEO and link building uk but the amount of areas are limited as opposed to website SEO being able to target all the areas in Glasgow.

Local SEO & Link Building

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on November 8th, 2010

Local SEO and link building uk is ignored by most webmasters as the value of targeting the local marketing is often seen as a waste of time. We feel cornering the local marketing using search engine optimisation techniques is the first step one should take when planning an SEO strategy. The reason to do local SEO first is you will find it a lot easier than targeting the top phrases in your industry and moving forward all local companies will get the Google maps coming up when a generic search is done for their products and services. Always get a Google map first for your business targeting the surrounding areas as well as your main location. You are able to target a few phrases in the Google maps relative to your industry so do not restrict your listing to one service only. Local SEO using Google maps can give you same day positioning on page Google and the service is free. There is a skill in maintaining a Google map listing as with local SEO and link building uk, there are no guarantees that once you are appearing in the listings that you will always appear there. There are techniques you will need to use to keep you there and the more businesses are becoming aware of the free Google maps for local SEO the more competitive the market will be. Should you wish to know more contact us and we will help point you in the right direction. To complement the Google map listing ensure your website is equipped for local optimisation as well. Having your website appear in the organic search results when your local areas are searched and the Google maps will give you more prominence on page one and hopefully you will get the traffic as opposed to the competition.

Search Engine Ranking Reports

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on October 28th, 2010

You should always do monthly search engine ranking reports so you can monitor the consistency of your website’s positions in the natural search results on major search engines. This way you can monitor the success of the seo techniques and link building uk you are implementing on your website. When you have a good position in the search results and then drop suddenly you will know this with periodic search engine ranking reports picking the drop up so you can tweak the optimisation onsite for that particular phrases and get it back to a good position in the organic search again. Consistency is key for your website ranking in the search engines and search engine ranking reports are the best way to monitor this.

Seo Tips

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on October 28th, 2010

Throughout this blog all the topics we have discussed and evaluated are in essence SEO tips in their own right. We provide these SEO tips to be open and trustworthy in our SEO work and help you get your website equipped so it has a fighting chance in the organic search. Some may perhaps question our willingness to provide free SEO tips openly to the public. After all, we do live in an economically challenged world at present and have to rely on the continued income of our clients just as much as the next person or company.

Blue Orange Link Building have always and will always continue to present SEO tips to those who require it. Where we gain is by having the experience and know how of being involved with SEO for many years to be able to correctly put these SEO tips into practice and ensuring your website see the benefit of our SEO tips and techniques. The SEO tips are provided to give an insight into what is required for website optimisation. Link building UK companies such as Blue Orange Link Building continue to grow as a direct result of continued experience and success of putting such SEO tips into practice and developing websites into successfully being ranked page one.

Web Page Layout SEO

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on October 28th, 2010

Throughout the pages contained in this blog you will learn about the essential techniques required for link building and SEO to be a success. All the web optimisation requirements need to be taken into account and fully utilised to give your website the best chance of success with SEO. All these elements must also be represented within the correct web page layout.  It is all well and good knowing to include aspects such as title, meta data, headers, content, anchor text and so on, but if you do no incorporate these within the right structure of a web page layout it is pointless even having them.

What we mean by having correct web page layout refers to keyword placements.  Placement of title tags, placement of headers, placement of meta data, content generation and so forth. The source code plays an important role in SEO.  It is within the source code that placement of these SEO factors are added and incorporated.  It is important that either yourself or the SEO company you use get the correct placement of the essential SEO factors in the source code to deliver the correct structured and optimised web page layout for SEO.

At Blue Orange Link Building each SEO developer and consultant is skilled in the efficiency of correct web page layout to properly benefit your SEO link building. Each search engine optimisation campaign has the correct web page layout and seo techniques we know are proven, ethical and designed to ensure your website benefits long term in the search results. As a company that thrives on its referrals and reputation, we are transparent and honest in our approach to SEO. If you would like to know further about web page layout for SEO contact one of our seo consultants today to organise an in-house SEO consultancy training session.

Web Analytics Seo

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on October 28th, 2010

Picture this scenario: you have your website listed page one on all search engines; fantastic. However, the website would appear to be relatively quiet. No enquiries, no sales, no activity. How would one investigate further to get the bare facts about what is happening on their website? Web analytics.

Web analytics are a powerful, useful and data driven tool. The web analytics tool records raw data from website traffic and analyses it into informative data reports for your viewing. With the help of web analytics one can review visitor trends, keyword recordings, entry level pages, bounce rate percentage, visitor times, length of visits and more. Web analytic tools have become a must for SEO monitoring as for all the page one rankings you my have, it is just as important to understand and have knowledge of what those rankings are doing for your website.

Anchor Text Seo

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on October 27th, 2010

Using key word anchor text links is what ties the whole seo process together. Anchor text linking plays a vital role in the SEO of a website being successful. The importance and essential requirement of implementing anchor text links should not be underestimated. Anchor text linking in SEO is the process of skillfully and efficiently incorporating keyword hyperlinks from one page in your website to another. This factor of SEO plays two important roles for the search engines.

Firstly anchor text incorporated in your website allow the search engines to follow the links and easily define which page(s) you are looking to target for particular keywords. Secondly, it creates a strong structure internally within your website for search engine crawlers to navigate from page to page. Anchor text is the best form of linking you can provide your website. In SEO it is best to have a good mix of both anchor text linking from internal and external web pages.

Meta Tag Seo

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on October 27th, 2010

Meta tags are a starting point to getting your web page optimised. There are two types of meta tags, meta keyword placement and meta descriptions.

Meta keyword placements – when implementing keywords you want to target into the meta tags, be specific as possible as to what product or service is offered from that particular web page as it will avoid repetition page to page as each meta keyword placement must not repeat itself throughout your site. Try to avoid repeating keywords in the meta tag keyword placement areas as this may have an adverse affect on your seo rankings and link building efforts.

Meta descriptions – be informative within the descriptions as to what service or product you are offering incorporating your top phrases within the description so still reads grammaticlaly correct. Do not make the descriptions too short as the search spiders prefer the descriptions to be descriptive and this is a good way to get more keywords within the meta description. Avoid repetition throughout your website as this could have an adverse affect on a link building campaign.

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