Geographical SEO & Link Building

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on November 7th, 2010

When attempting geographical SEO and link building your targeted keywords will relate to geographical areas together with the services you offer. There are a few ways to tackle geographical SEO for the organic search on page one of Google. The first option will be Google maps and the second option will be to target the geographical areas within the web pages of your site. For the Google maps to work and have an ethical promotion in the maps would be to have offices located on the areas you are wanting to target. So if you are based in Glasgow and have Glasgow offices then target a Google map listing targeting the areas surrounding the business address your offices are located in. This will be followed on with all your offices and the areas located near the offices. Using the maps is great as the Google map listings can be up the same day for you and they are all FREE. It is the time spent inputting the data and the clever SEO techniques optimising the Google maps so they are picked up. Should you target all the areas within your website you do not need offices located in the areas you are targeting as long as you are able to provide the service nationally. National optimisation requires you to create pages with unique content offering your services or products and mention the areas within the body of content. We specialise in geographical optimisation using our SEO and link building techniques ensuring your web page layout is correct for the search engines and your folder structures compliment the website development process.

Clever link building techniques for your website

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on November 3rd, 2010

Here at Blue Orange Link Building we don’t continuously brag about how brilliant we may be or how our products and methods of search engine optimisation and link building are better than anyone else’s. We just have trialed and proven clever internet marketing products that do drive extra traffic through to websites.

What we do focus on is improving on and adapting the most ethical and clever link building uk techniques to provide our clients with terrific search engine listings for their search terms or keywords.

Offering the right guidance and assistance to clients of all sizes and genres, we are confident in our successful track record, leading the way for our customers to obtain increased traffic and revenue from the use of clever seo techniques and the right website development methods across the main search engine including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We don’t hide anything from our clients or those considering taking their search engine optimisation out with us, listing a host of SEO tips and pointers on the pages of our website. We are one of the few SEO companies that performs such an in-depth service, including a full and detailed website analysis and regular ranking reports to enable you to monitor your progress.

Discover more about the benefits of obtaining a professional link building campaign for your website today by contacting us at Blue Orange Link Building.

Social Bookmarking Lends A Helping Hand

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on November 3rd, 2010

Here at Blue Orange Link Building we continually redefine the art of applying successful website development techniques to provide the latest search engine optimisation campaigns for ourselves and our clients.

For us and many more companies out there, social bookmarking and similar platform based media entities have rapidly become not only part and parcel of our daily routine with the likes of Twitter and Facebook but are vastly assisting businesses wishing to maximise on their SEO methodologies.

Social bookmarking/networking websites such as Folkd and Digg offer great ways to expand your target audience, using the ability to file snippets of information about your company away, under tags or targeted keywords.

In addition to the wide array of ethical and clever SEO techniques that we utilise when applying our link building skills to our clients websites, here at Blue Orange Link Building we understand the growing importance that these and similar sites now have when reaching out to a wider audience.

Check back soon for more information on this subject and remember…please leave a comment and here at Blue Orange Link Building we will happily reply. We look forward to your questions!

Clever Link Building

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on November 2nd, 2010

The first thing you should do when search engine marketing your website is target your local areas. This is clever link building and you will find it a lot easier getting results on search engines when targeting local areas as not many websites are targeting your local area as opposed to the general search term relative to your industry – an example is if you were a plumber and live in London don’t try and target the word ‘plumber’ rather target ‘plumber in London’. Using Google maps is a great way to get your business listed on page one Google when the services you are marketing are coupled with geographical areas. The beauty about Google maps is that it is a free service so a clever way to get a free internet marketing service that gets you listed on page one. there are many ways to be more clever when marketing online and we will provide all the tips you need.

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