Florida Google Dance Resources Released

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on October 20th, 2010

Danny Sullivan’s Florida Google Dance Resources page has been completed as of late December 7th, 2003.

The information posted there is really nothing new, he just does a good job summing everything up.

Take a look:


Daniel Dulitz, Google Engineer Interview

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on October 20th, 2010

I first found this at Alan Webb’s forum. It is basically a word for word dialog between Daniel Dulitz, a Google engineer and UK’s Mike Grehan.

I am not sure of how recent it is, so if someone knows – please add a comment.

Mike Grehan and Daniel Dulitz discuss the following topics in this phone interview:

* Daniel Dulitz Background and how he joined Google
* The importance of PageRank and what it really means
* Google’s ability to crawl dynamic content and what GoogleBot likes and dislikes in relation to that
* Flash and other Multimedia Content in relation to GoogleBot and Google’s visitors
* Paid Inclusion Possibilities at Google
* What Google considers Cloaking
* Keyword “themes” in relation to SEO
* What Can get you banned from Google (not much)
* Automated Querying of Google Server – A No No
* Search Engine Industry dynamics and what it means to Google
* And Yahoo!’s relationship with Google (Past, Present and Future)

Going back to 2003 with Google’s Florida Update

Posted by Blue Orange Link Building on October 20th, 2010

Forbes published an article, “Change to Google ranking system irks merchants”, quoting Google’s Wayne Rosing, vice president of engineering, as saying the changes to Google’s engine in its recent update “shows there was a significant quality improvement for our users”.

The key word in that quote is “significant”, I also do not know if Rosing deserves us to look at his words in such depth but what the hey. “Significant” in this content seems to be a synonym to the word most. But there is a reason Rosing did not use the word “most” in this quote. By using the word “significant” I would insinuate that he admits to there being a negative component to the update named Florida.

I have seen many cases of keyword phrases that produce really bad, irrelevant results. I feel Google will be making changes to their algorithm to make those results more relevant, it can’t hurt for you to email Google at webmaster at google.com with the subject florida update and your findings. It just gives them more to chew on for the next update.

Don’t get me wrong, this new update weeded out a lot of bad (spammy) sites from the rankings. For proof take a look at the Scroogle Hit List. This hit list displays the number of missing links, out of 100, from the previous update to this new (Florida) update. You will see many keywords at the top that are just someone spam appealing.

But I have seen cases where a search on a keyword phrase brings up totally irrelevant results.

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