Whey and weight loss.  Whey has direct effects on weight loss. A lot of people use whey as just a protein source whilst dieting.  But they do not understand that there is quite a bit of research to show that whey has a direct affects of weight loss, through a variety of different mechanisms.  One in particular that is more interesting, is that whey has been shown in several studies to affect a specific hormone involved in feeling full, CCK.  There are several studies where they fed people whey, versus other proteins, and the people who got the whey, subsequently eat less food in other meals.  Another one, Whey has been shown to increase serotonin. Serotonin is known to improve mood, reduce depression.  There have been some theories, that of course when one diets, serotonin levels drop, especially if one restricts carbohydrates, and it affects mood.  Most people will admit that when they are dieting they are moody.  Anything that can maintain serotonin levels whilst dieting are bound to be helpful.  There are other studies, some on animals, so buyer beware caveat, but one study, showed that animals maintained fat burning are beta oxidation when they were made to exercise, they predominately used fat as their fuel source, the other animals used glucose, blood glucose.  It also preserved lean body mass, because they were using fat stores.  There is a wide variety of potential benefits to whey specific to weight loss, not it just being a high quality protein. For high quality proteins that include whey as their main ingredient, have a look at USN Pure Protein IGF 1, and other USN Supplements from the range.  There are also meal replacements that contain whey, such as USN Diet Fuel and other diet whey supplements.