Welcome to Blue Orange Link Building

Our recently established link building uk company in 2010 came about from the owners of other online e-commerce businesses, and with the astronomical prices that we had been paying for seo and link building services from other link building companies. After successfully implementing our own link building techniques, at a fraction of the price, and many self taught hours put into studying and researching what are the most effective strategies, Blue Orange Link Building company was born.

From previously using link building partners from all areas of the world, we’ve been able to filter out the poor ones and keep in contact with the best.  Therefore, we know exactly who to use for some of the more basic link building techniques, but still keep the important stuff in house.

Rather than just providing link building services, we would like to work with you and help you develop your online business. We offer more than just link building alone, we are happy to advise on on-page search engine optimisation and all other questions you may have. Our aim is not only to get you to page one on Google for your selected keywords, but to push for that number one spot which will drive the most traffic to your site!

We provide link building services ranging from the small business owner to the multi-national corporations. Take the uncertainty away, and let the Blue Orange Link Building company undertake your link building campaigns.

Link Building Techniques

Monthly Link Building

Link building is a competitive industry is not a case of doing a one off batch of links and hoping for the best…read more

Manual Directory Submissions

Manual Directory Submissions are a good way of quickly building link popularity for your website and getting pages indexed…read more

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a powerful tool in promoting a website…read more

Guaranteed Directory Submissions

Directory links still provide some ‘link juice’, and our portfolio of directories provide just that.  Combined with our extensive list of directories from our partners over the years, we are able to submit your site, quite literally, to several thousands if required…read more

Theme Based Link Building

Theme based link building is becoming more and more relevant to ranking a website within the first page for the desired keyword.  Themed links provide a more natural and useful means on linking which will feed your website from related linked content.  Google uses this factor quite highly in ranking sites…read more

Article Marketing

Article submission is a fairly time consuming and repetitive task, but once carried out, it does provide a useful tool for creating a variety of links in order to give a natural looking link profile…read more